The Ins and Outs of Buying an Existing Web Business

Buying an existing web business is much the same as refurbishing a fixer-upper house. If you have the skills, money, and time, flipping real estate is a good business in pretty much any economy. The same can be true of refurbishing a web business … [Continue reading]

Please Vote for My Friends’ Kids :)

Please help. Darrin, my tax attorney, consulting client and long time good friend has kids - who knew - with the entrepreneurial spirit we love in humans both large and small and it is the small ones that need the most help and encouragement. … [Continue reading]

Why is Search So Complex?

Well, mostly it is because of "scale", which this infographic doesn't really do justice to, but it does show some really good measures of the scope of the problem.Why is Search So Complex? … [Continue reading]

Matt Cutts and Eric Talk About What Makes a Quality Site

Another great interview with Matt Cutts. Some interesting little tidbits - something about "frogs", maybe princes too but I didn't read that far. :-)Matt Cutts and Eric Talk About What Makes a Quality Site … [Continue reading]

SEO essentials for startups in under 10 minutes

This is a pretty decent summary (by Google no less!) of stuff everyone should get right on a new site. Certainly there is way more I think you should do, but start with this for sure and then learn the rest. SEO essentials for startups in under 10 … [Continue reading]

Example email to a hacked site

Most amazing is that "hacked sites" is the second biggest category of SPAM problems that Google has to deal with. Wow.  Lesson here is this: protect your site! Because it is clearly a common problem. Example email to a hacked site … [Continue reading]

The Four Simple (But Not Easy) Secrets to Business Success

Your list may differ - feel free to rant (or rave) in the comments - but this is the list that I've come up with after 24 years running my own businesses and teaching and coaching other people to do the same.  The choice of which is most important … [Continue reading]

The Third Age of Search

In the beginning... Search engines were born to index and make available "information" and the web was just one really big library - well, not that large at first actually!  But it did grow at an enormous rate and started a transformation in the … [Continue reading]

Don’t be Evil? BULL S**T!

Everyone in SEO BrainTrust has already heard me rant about the duplicity and lies from … [Continue reading]

What tools do you use to spy on your competitors?

My good friend, nearly unknown business success and wildly cool Internet marketer (no pressure) Kenny Goodman posted this to FaceBook earlier today: "What tools do you use to spy on your competitors (apart from Market Samurai of course)?" Here's my … [Continue reading]