Hanging in Hotlanta

There’s this little thing called StomperNet Live. Next week will be the 9th one and I have been a featured speaker at every single one … except this one. For Live9 I’m just showin’ up for the drinking and socializing with the (literally) hundreds of people I’ve helped over the last three years in StomperNet, in my own coaching business before that, and with my partner Dan Thies for several months now since.

And hell, the bar is where I do some of my best one-on-one coaching anyway. 🙂

If you are planning on coming, great, I will see you there. Follow me on Twitter so you can keep track of me in real life while you’re on site. I’ll try to provide a running text, photographic, and maybe even video commentary.

And if you’d like to spend some quality time with Dan and me, and find out just what it is we do … come join us for dinner. Catch up with me in person and I’ll hook you up.

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