SEO Mindset Reminder #6


A poor job now beats a perfect one later. Quantity generally beats quality, so get busy. But wait a minute! Busy at what? Busy at the right stuff. No good change occurs until you take action. Bad change, well that occurs all on it’s own. It’s called entropy. If you just sit still, things will go bad really quickly.

Wrong action therefore is usually better than no action at all, assuming that it doesn’t involve drugs or flammable substances. So get busy. Be ugly. Get rich and then clean it up. But start with busy.

Busy doing what? Well this one is one of the biggest questions we hear in the guru business on the Internet marketing circuit and I’m willing to bet your friends are asking the same question as well. The answer is two fold.

First off, knowing is not part of doing. To know is not an active verb. Study is not work. Yes, you need to study and know enough to get started, but don’t get so wrapped up in studying and learning that you never get around to the business you are studying for. By all means get busy studying at first, but once you’ve studied enough that you can get to work, then stop studying and get to work! You can come back to studying once you are making some money and need to take your business to the next level.

Secondly, the web is made of pages and links. There is nothing else, so whatever your study leads you to get busy doing, if it doesn’t result in creating more or better pages or more or better links, then it really has not much to do with SEO.

Don’t over complicate this. Look at the people beating you in rankings. I bet they have more pages, more links or more of both. SEO success is not a case of “working smarter instead of harder”. What’s required is to find the smart ways that enable you to work harder.

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