What would Matt do with £10? Wrong answer – read within

Matt Cutts was asked how to start a web business with just £10.  What would you do?  Take a listent to Matt and then read my answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpCw7KvOvwA Matt suggests buying a domain name and hosting which he figures the … [Continue reading]

Business. Is it mental or is it (somewhat) physical?

Just ran across this on Tim Ferris' blog : The Billionaire Productivity Secret and the Experimental Lifestyle “How do you become more productive?” Richard Branson leaned back and thought for a second. The tropical sounds of his private oasis, … [Continue reading]

Too little Content? There’s no excuse. Here’s why

You think writing articles is hard?  How about 50,000 words in just 30 days?  That's what a punch of folks do every year durning November.  Even Matt Cutts is giving it a shot.  Content really is not that hard, you just have to decide to do it and … [Continue reading]

Mindset Reminder #10

LASER BEAMS BEAT FLASHLIGHTS Think in terms of laser beams instead of flashlights. Instead of lighting up all of Page 1 with a whole bunch of rankings, think about one key phrase at a time because No. 1 is so much more important than anything … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #9

2 x 70% > 1 x 100% I have to admit, this is my favorite mindset reminder. It involves both math and humor, two of my favorite things — the others are, um, well, nevermind. About 70% of what it takes to rank is easy. It’s just three … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #8

TOO HARD FOR THEM IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOU If it were easy, you would have even more competition. How would you like to have twice as many people competing for your keywords? Even if they aren't any good at it, some of them are bound to get lucky … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #7

KNOWING IS NOT PART OF DOING, BELIEVING IS We are emotional creatures first, and intellectuals second. That’s why our decisions are ultimately emotional. Sales and marketing folks know this. Sure, you do have to provide the knowledge that … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #6

MISTER BUSY WINS – UGLY NOW BEATS PERFECT LATER A poor job now beats a perfect one later. Quantity generally beats quality, so get busy. But wait a minute! Busy at what? Busy at the right stuff. No good change occurs until you take action. Bad … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #5

YOU CANNOT MEASURE YOUR WAY TO WEALTH One of the huge benefits we have on the web is we can measure so much about user engagement that we can make very well informed decisions about what works, and what doesn’t. But there is a risk. If we’re … [Continue reading]

Jack Nicholson – The Sales Manager (Humor break)

This came up in conversation a few week’s back so I dug it up to share with everybody. It is a spoof of the court interrogation of Colonel Nathan Jessip in A Few Good Men wherein “the accused” is a sales manager … catch the heinous charge at the … [Continue reading]