The Three Pillars of Success

You want to be successful online. You want to do the right things, take the right steps and continue to make those decisions and take those right actions consistently. But what does it take to make that happen? Ultimately, it’s your mindset.  Get your mind right, and you’ll be doing the right things simply because that’s just the way you’re wired.

There are three pillars of success: Skills, Process and Mindset.

As far as skills go, there are a few, but not many that actually matter. Sure, you need to understand some keyword research, link structure and stuff like that. We all know you have to have a grasp on the basics to be successful, but the skills are only valuable if you put them to work with some consistency.

Having the skills but not applying them will get you nowhere. The process that embeds those skills is, to a large extent, more important than the skills themselves because consistent action is so critical to success. If you have enough process and you have enough consistent action, you can outwork somebody with better skills that’s not working hard enough.

But what makes you do those processes and what causes you to learn and refine key skills?

It’s your MINDSET. When you think about search marketing in the right way, you will keep the big ideas in mind while  managing the small details. This combination is going to lead to your ultimate success and it’s your mindset that ultimately controls both process and skill development. Action follows thought and that’s not just true in search engine marketing — it’s true in everything. Correct thought is the basis of correct action. Wrong thought will always create wrong action.

Of course, we need the processes and skills so that our mindset can put these to work, but without the proper mindset, how would we even choose the right processes? How would we develop the right skills?

Over the years of working with clients and students, I’ve come up with 10 mindset reminders to help you think about search marketing in a new way that’s going to be most beneficial to developing the right skills and getting the right kind of work done. I’ll be sharing these mindset reminders over the next couple weeks so stay tuned.

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