Dynamic Linking (Vol I) – the 2010 Edition

In 2003 I wrote an article that turned into an ebook that spawned an industry-wide technique named “PageRank Sculpting”. A couple years later I updated the book to include the nofollow attribute as an alternative to Javascript, but the strategies and linking structures remained the same.

Fast forward another 5 years and the web is 20 or more times larger, the competition is far better educated and funded and the economic rewards of top ranking are many times larger. It was time for an update.

In this almost entirely rewritten “update” of Dynamic Linking I’ve provided new and expanded diagrams, updated code samples and a completely new applications guide. I’ve also revised and modernized some of the original material on Sacrificial linking (now known as PR Pumping) and mini-nets.

What I have not done is “lighten it up”, so it is by no means a “casual” read. If you plan on putting the material into practice, you will want to print it, grab a highlighter and a pen, and personalize it with your own notes and questions.

And come to that, your comments, suggestions and requests for clarification are always welcome here. If there is sufficient interest, I may construct a discussion forum for this purpose.

To get started, grab your copy … there’s no charge … at http://dynamic-linking.net

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