SEO Mindset Reminder #8


If it were easy, you would have even more competition. How would you like to have twice as many people competing for your keywords? Even if they aren’t any good at it, some of them are bound to get lucky and still others are likely to get good. Making SEO “easy” is bad for you, so don’t ever complain about how hard it is. Give thanks that it does take some skill and hard work, because the alternative is far worse.

Worse still, reflect for a moment on your alternatives to running a web business. Can’t quite make that picture? Go watch the movie Office Space. Or how ’bout this: watch all your neighbors drive to work one morning and then notice what time they get back home. Does that look fun? Now how do you feel about SEO?

And seriously, just how hard is SEO really? It is far more tedious than it is hard and most of that can be solved by being organized enough to use employees and outsourcers, so when you find yourself (as we all do!) complaining about not getting ranked where you want — just time your morning commute!


  1. I love SEO, but am disillusioned by Google’s Keyword Tool, especially when you compare the results to their Search Based Keyword Tool. There’s a huge variance in searches for “wedding favors” in both tools. Those sneaky guys at Google are making it harder to do keyword research.

    I put very little stock in their data.

  2. Ultimately, the only reliable data is the data from your own traffic logs. Used in conjunction with ranking data you can make informed decisions, but short of this is relying on data of unknown origins and accuracy. That said, when assessing markets and in first developing a market, that is what is required. The key is to not obsess in the analysis because the precision in the data does not support it. Instead, do “rough” estimation, get into the market so you get real data, and plan to fail out with low financial loss if the reality does not measure up to the estimate.

  3. Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing that a keyword I thought was getting 500k monthly searches according to Google’s keyword tool gets like 40k searches according to the Search Based Keyword Tool.

    It makes your comment about email marketing on the SEOBT blog all the more relevant. Like I said earlier, SEO really appeals to me, but I’m starting to see the importance of expanding my arsenal.


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