McAfee Revisited

UPDATE: So I’m a bit out of touch on this one, but McAfee actually backed away from what they were doing, in no small measure it seems from the stink she rasied. 🙂 Read the full story at Cresta’s blog.

Oh, and I’ve restored the image to commerce websites.

I promise to just let this go — soon as I get this bit of satire posted!

For everyone who still wants to use the McAfee seal, here’s a logo providing "Full Disclosure" of what the ScanAlert "service" really means.

Satirical Commentary on Totally Dumb Ass move Made by McAfee

Enjoy. 😉

LEGAL NOTICE to McAfee: This is satirical commentary covered by Fair Use. If you don’t like it, tough shit. Maybe you should have thought of that before pillaging your customers’ traffic.

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