“I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it Bob”

For more than two years now I have been working "full time" – a common euphemism for not sleeping – in StomperNet operations.  Just last week I turned over the last of these  responsibilities to other people.  WooHoo!

Now I am just a faculty member so I get to wax rhapsodic with members and do actual SEO research instead of chasing infrastructure cost reductions.

Of course, I still have a lot I am doing with StomperNet, including some bit parts in the upcoming launch starting on the 9th – you will definitely want to watch that!

My comrade Dan Thies made the same transition of late and beat me to the post – like tell me something new – so be sure to read his post as well.  He’s on my blog roll.

Looking forward, I’m finally working on my own damn software for a change and working on some product plans that have long been on hold.  Stay tuned.


  1. As a very, very, very, very happy Optispider customer, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    BTW, I’ve been using Optispider continuously since 2005.  It’s paid for itself 10,000%. Seriously.

  2. Leslie,
    You’re a really funny guy man. I’m watching a video on the Stomper999 page you did with Andy Edmonds and you have a really cool demeanor.
    I first heard of you in the 2 part StomperNet video you did where you dispelled the myth that Google uses LSI… I think you called it referential integrity.
    I’m a young guy and starting a few web businesses and look forward to learning from you in StomperNet

  3. The more I learn about StomperNet and everyone involved, the more I wonder how you can all work together. You guys are all killers and ninjas in your own right. It seems like each and every one of you could go your own separate ways and make a ton of money.

    So I wonder, what keeps you together? It can’t be pure profit because you all are probably millionaires. From an organizational and personal level, what is the goal or vision that you all share that keeps your egos in check and allows you to work as a team? I mean, you’re selling marketing information. Rather than teaching us your skills, you could probably implement this knowledge in 100 different verticals and kill the rest of us… But you don’t. You work together and put out incredible stuff for us all to use in our own businesses.

    It’s like the Bloods and Cryps putting down their guns and teaching kids to read.


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