StomperNet Live9 – March 25-28, 2010

The end of March brings us back again to StomperNet Live, 9th in a continuing series. No matter that I’m not on stage this trip — just as glad to take a break actually — these are without any doubt at all the best InterNetworking events on the planet. I live here, so I’ll be around, and without needing to do a presentation, I’ll have even more time to hang in the bar and talk some real shop.

You should attend. At less than two hundred bucks for three days? Heck, that’s a round-off error — it’s the travel that will cost you! I think it’s worth it.

Disclaimer: Yes Virgina, that image is an affiliate link — believe it or not the Internet is not actually free and is in fact paid for by those of us making a living using it! Thank you so much FTC for being such a big help. Grrrr. 🙂

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