SEO Mindset Reminder #4

RANKING DOESN’T MATTER, IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY Don’t get wrapped up in your rankings. Rankings don't actually matter. Making money is what maters. Focus on the rankings only to the extent that they are the right ones - the ones that make you … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #3

ADMIT WHAT IS. THE RANKINGS DEFINE RIGHT. You don’t get to decide what’s right. Your job is to admit what is and accept it. The rankings define whatever the search engine considers right and it is not up to us to change it. To be successful … [Continue reading]

Nightclub SEO

SEO for your website is a thoroughly mathematical proposition, but there are intriguing - and humorous - parallels between SEO and the social interactions at a nightclub. This analysis is necessarily written from a male perspective, but it should be … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #2

IT’S NOT MAGIC, IT’S A MACHINE Ranking is just math – really simple math. What makes it amazing is that this math is run on more than 200,000 machines and produces results for millions of users in a quarter of a second. Of course, the math … [Continue reading]

Launch Planning Meeting

Big news coming from The SEO BrainTrust sometime this summer.  Just yesterday I met with a certain infamous Internet Marketer (IIM) at a secret coastal location for launch planning, so details are still being worked out.  More news later here and on … [Continue reading]

SEO Mindset Reminder #1

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU Ranking is not about you. You really don’t matter at all. Ranking is entirely impersonal. If Bob can rank, so can you, and so can the other guy. No one at Google knows you, or Bob, or the other guy for that matter. If no … [Continue reading]

Unwinding and catching up following Coming Home 3

Catching up on calls and emails this morning following a fantastic weekend of education and comradery in San Diego at Ed Dale's seminar. As usual, Ed put on a feature-packed weekend without seeming to even work at it. In addition to all the usual … [Continue reading]

The Three Pillars of Success

You want to be successful online. You want to do the right things, take the right steps and continue to make those decisions and take those right actions consistently. But what does it take to make that happen? Ultimately, it’s your mindset.  Get … [Continue reading]

Dynamic Linking (Vol I) – the 2010 Edition

In 2003 I wrote an article that turned into an ebook that spawned an industry-wide technique named "PageRank Sculpting". A couple years later I updated the book to include the nofollow attribute as an alternative to Javascript, but the strategies … [Continue reading]

Skiing Antarctica

In Warren Miller's continuing quest to ski every flake of snow the world over, here is this clip of skiing on or at least near the Antarctic continent: Skiing Antarctica This is something of a dear subject for me as I spent a year there myself, … [Continue reading]