New Video Interview Posted

While in Australia to speak at Ed Dale's Coming Home 2 event — and what an event it was BTW! — I sat down with Gideon Shalwick to talk about the connection between SEO and video, in particular, how to get your videos to appear in search … [Continue reading]

Hanging in Hotlanta

There's this little thing called StomperNet Live. Next week will be the 9th one and I have been a featured speaker at every single one ... except this one. For Live9 I'm just showin' up for the drinking and socializing with the (literally) hundreds … [Continue reading]

Success is Just Failure That Didn’t Miss

How many times have you heard these excuses: "He just got lucky" "She just happened to be at the right place at the right time" "It's easy when you have their talent" I have exactly two words for that: Bull Shit. Success without repeated and … [Continue reading]

10,000 SEO Questions and the Nature of Trees

In the coaching program that Dan Thies and I run together (The SEO BrainTrust) we answer several dozen questions a week between our 90 minute Q&A calls and our Platinum Member Podcasts. In a year we should answer a thousand questions between us … [Continue reading]

Frank Kern’s 4 Day Cash Machine

In just a few days, Frank is coming out with the mother of all list building courses — List Control. This will be a fantastic product. Why? Anyone can build a list — all that takes is an opt-in form. What separates Frank from everyone … [Continue reading]

SEO Football

American football is a frankly brutish game mirroring in a general sense the foreign policy most of our presidents project -- but I digress -- it also has something to teach us about SEO, which I'll try to confine myself to for the rest of this … [Continue reading]

An Aussie Having Me On

Katy (killerbunny600) is regaling me with tales of Drop Bears and Hoop Snakes, dangerous animals of the Australian Bush. Drop bears have these really sharp fangs and hang around in trees to drop on top of your head when you walk underneath. Hoop … [Continue reading]

Third Tribe Presentation in Melbourne Australia

The panel presentation at Ed Dale's seminar today covers Third Tribe, an interesting and evolving experiment in finding "middle ground" between the two extremes of blogging — running a personal diary as a labor of love and (the alternative) … [Continue reading]

Interview with Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry is presenting at Ed Dale's Coming Home 2 conference this week as am I, so just for kicks, and for our many follows that will not make it down-under, we jumped on the phone earlier today to chat about what we were talking about come … [Continue reading]

Interview with David Jenyns

A couple nights ago I had the pleasure of talking with David Jenyns, a native of Australia, about my upcoming presentation at Ed Dale's "Coming Home 2" event. Turns out David has followed me for some years — I'll let him tell you the small … [Continue reading]