What characteristics increase PR?

Every page has a native PageRank. It is pages that create PR. Links only distribute it. The theoretical definition of the PR of a page is the probability that a ‘random surfer’ will access the page. PR is ‘conserved’ — meaning that it is not lost and is not created by any means other than the creation (or destruction) of pages — and the sum of the PR of all pages across Google’s entire index is ‘100%’ — there’s no where else for the random surfer to go — well, except Yahoo or MSN ;-). Keep your eyes on the big three:

  1. Pages are like tickets to the game. The more tickets, the more chances to win. So, make more pages;
  2. Title your pages so that they include search phrases and put said titles on pages that provide meaningful info to humnas that enter that search phrase; and
  3. Use link text to tie together your pages and make the link text include the search phrases that the target pages are about.

DON’T LINK TO GOOGLE!! Google is not some jealous God that requires prayer and supplication. All that link does is bleed PR. Kill it! ONLY link to pages that you want to help RANK. Are you trying to help Google rank?!?!

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