Is too much nofollow a bad thing?

Some webmasters worry that pages with lots of incoming links and very few outgoing links, or lots of nofollow links, or some other pattern that looks like using nofollow to game PageRank is being detected.

Certainly: Not yet. Probably: Not ever.

One of my clients ranks 4 in 3.2 million results and has religiously expunged nearly all off-site links to get there. This was done with the (classical?) Javascript Dynamic Link rather than the newer nofollow link because the site in question predates nofollow. A nofollow implementation should work as well.

Moreover, blogs that allow commenting, and that have nofollow enabled on comments, will look like PageRank is being gamed, when in fact, it is completely automated. This will become more common rather than less so, leading me to conclude that filtering on the use of nofollow is a non-starter.

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