Should my inbound links use a single phrase or could I use 2 phrases?

I have not been able to measure any difference between these two stategies. On purely theoretical grounds the single focus linking should edge out the other approach all other things being equal. But on the other hand, no page lives on a single search phrase alone. And furthermore, the difference between the two I am certain is very minor. Sooo, I would think that multiple related terms is okay, and possibly even better.

That said, I would use a "noise word" connective like so: "cell phones and phone accessories" simply because it reads better to humans than "cell phones, phone accessories".

In all cases, make sure the phrase has no intervening words, like "cell phone plans and accessories" does not work as well for both phrases as does "cell phone plans and cell phone accessories" simply because the engines like to see the phrase contiguous instead of interrupted by other words.

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