Example email to a hacked site

Most amazing is that “hacked sites” is the second biggest category of SPAM problems that Google has to deal with. Wow.  Lesson here is this: protect your site! Because it is clearly a common problem.
Example email to a hacked site


  1. Definitely protect your site!

    I learned it the hard way, and ended up writing up a comprehensive WordPress Security Checklist, which other people might benefit from too… it’s free to download at http://www.wpsecuritychecklist.com

    On a different note… I’ve just received an ‘offer’ to buy your complete LL3 course for $67.

    This is obviously someone breaching your copy right… contact me via email and I’d be happy to forward the email to you so you can stop this…


  2. Anders,
    Right you are and yes we know about the stolen copy but since he/they are in China it’s kinda of a waste of time. Truth be told, it just means that Dan and I matter — we’re important enough to steal. 🙂

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