What would Matt do with £10? Wrong answer – read within

Matt Cutts was asked how to start a web business with just £10.  What would you do?  Take a listent to Matt and then read my answer.


Matt suggests buying a domain name and hosting which he figures the cash will last a month and then promote affiliate offers to make money.  Wrong.  Sorry Matt – hope Google works out for you.  Here’s my recommendation from actually making money online for more than a decade.

Don’t spend any money at all.  Ten is too small to matter anyway.  Instead, use free hosting on Blogspot, WordPress, Hubpages, Squidoo, Facebook and Twitter to pump out content around a niche, create a following, and monitize your traffic with affiliate offers.

More-or-less what we teach in Link Liberation 2.0 🙂

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  1. The very first site I optimized was a niche fitness site. Now I get a steady 4k-5k monthly visitors. It took about 3 weeks to reach the #3 position in Google for my keywords and I mostly built links via discussion forum links, blog comments, social bookmarks, and article directories.

    I could stand to monetize it a lot better and actually build an email list, but going through the exercise was absolutely critical.

  2. Nice Answer Leslie, It appears to me that Matt is simply looking to push the baby face “no risk approach” rather than a person taking a deep breath and dig into their innate entreprenurial DNA and (“as we aussies say”) “Have a go ya Mug”

    It seems as though the majority of people on the web trying to make a dollar are simply trying to do it for a song. If they wanted to start a land based business, they would be up for a minimum of $10,000 not $10?

    Perhaps the web might be a little bit tidy – er, if they kept their $10 in their pocket and kept working for their bosses.

    “No – Guts – No – Glory”

    SEO – Braintrust – Rocks 🙂

  3. What I find odd about Matt Cutts idea is that he recommends paying for webhosting rather than using blogger which belongs to Google and which is free, is he implying there that a hosted WordPress blog is better for attracting visitors than a free blog with blogger ?

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