It’s official … sorta … I am no longer a faculty member of StomperNet … keep reading.

Depending on who you ask, this will result in some combination of congratulations, condolences, condescension, cacophony, cat calls, cussing or other c-words befitting of my long held c-level position with the web’s best known Internet Marketing Education conglomerate (ok, ok, I’ll stop with the c-words already).

But wait … official how you ask? The sales letter of course! Live 9 Lineup. Duh. I’ll admit that I have a mixture of feelings about leaving … but my accountant doesn’t.

So what now? Well, it’s not like I was exactly on vacation all this time. In case you missed the memo, Dan Thies and I have been happily running our own mid-6 figure business since October doing pretty much what we did at StomperNet for the last 3 years — just better, thanks to less help. 😉

So what about Live9? We’ll see. I do live in Atlanta after all. I have spoken at every single Live event — in fact, I am the one in December 2006 that came up with the name, but I digress — so the habit to at least attend might be too strong to resist. And it is at the W Hotel Midtown which is hard enough to resist anyway. Sigh.

But the real treat of the Live events for me (and Dan too I’m pretty sure he’ll agree) has always been mentoring and networking with the literally hundreds of Internet Entrepreneurs it has been our blessing to be involved with in the last three (plus) years.

You know who you are. We know you too. Many of you have joined us in The SEO BrainTrust. Everyone else … please stay in touch.

It has been a weird and wild ride and if there is one thing that sticks out as a recurring impression since November 2006 when I shook hands with Brad and Andy it is this: “The question”. The one everyone asks at some point: “Why in the hell are you doing this?”

Good question. Took me months to form the answer.

There are many easier ways to make money than running a coaching program — you could argue they all are! Ultimately the only reason is people. Yes, it is hard to believe that someone as irascible (look it up) as me might also be gregarious, but that is my curse. The only good reason to coach is because you care about the impact you have on people. In all other respects, affiliate marketing is a better play.

So Dan and I, the first two StomperNet faculty members, continue doing what we were doing before, during and after StomperNet, for the same reasons, with many of the same people, and many more each day. The one constant is who we are.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


There is a new StomperNet in town, same name, but a very different game.  The first was a company devoted to teaching and community.  The new one is not.

"StomperNew" is really a software tools wholesaler with an attached speaker’s bureau. Some of the tools themselves look really good and it is my intention to use a couple of them extensively.  Others, not so much, but the line-up when taken as a whole should have really wide appeal. And speaking of wide appeal, the speaker’s platform (currently 21 in number) has everything from the world’s youngest Internet Marketer to the founder of MarketingSherpa. You’re bound to be able to find something you like in there … occasionally.

Frankly, StomperNew is an untested model in my experience, so we’ll see what Brad can do with it. I hope it works for him. I have more than a few friends that depend on it working.

But what about me? StomperNew certainly is not going to evolve in the direction that convinced me to move to Atlanta Georgia 2 years ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be involved at some level — just not to the level I was.

I’ll speak at the live events if asked to because I really enjoy the people, but the routine development of teaching content within the new structure is at an end. The content that is there now will no doubt remain, but anything new will have to specifically contract and such has not yet been suggested. Instead, I’m back to teaching on my own … sort of.

Back in January of 2007, Dan Thies and I announced our retirement from coaching to go focus on StomperNet.  Since then we have both retired from our retirement.  Or maybe we’re still retired and are just moving into a different old folks home.  One with a way better meal plan.  🙂 Anyway, maybe we’re just arrogant, but something we’ve figured out these last three years is that what we do really well we can do a lot better with a bunch less help!  We also figured out we sorta like each other and complement each other’s style … or lack thereof, we are guys after all … hence, The SEO BrainTrust.

Our "highest and best use" is teaching web business owners how to get more out of their existing businesses. That’s what we were both doing independently before StomperNet, it was what we were originally retained to do for Stompers in November of 2006, and it is what we are continuing to do today in our own structured training program. Emphasis on structured.

We are now just a few days away from being live and open for business so if you are reading this and have not opted-in, uh, why not? 🙂 Do so now and you can take a look at some of our videos and join the discussion of what we plan on offering.

The SEO BrainTrust

SEO Brain Trust – What’s that You Ask?

Dan Thies and I are doing a free webinar tomorrow (Sept 16, 2009).  See the talking points here and opt-in to get the login details emailed later today!  Stay put to the end — like how could you leave?!??  🙂 — and we’ll tell you about the BrainTrust.