Success is Just Failure That Didn’t Miss

How many times have you heard these excuses:

  • “He just got lucky”
  • “She just happened to be at the right place at the right time”
  • “It’s easy when you have their talent”

I have exactly two words for that: Bull Shit.

Success without repeated and continuing failure is simply a myth. If you want to succeed, start by failing faster. And keep doing it. Just so long as you don’t fail the same way twice, you can’t help but learn something in the process. In time, you won’t be able to avoid success. Sooner or later you’ll learn so much that you start failing to fail. Get bad enough at failing and folks will start calling you lucky.

This little rant was inspired by a clip for Nike by Michael Jordan. We should all be so “lucky”.

“A man can fail a million times, but is not a failure until he blames others.”

Married 24 Years

24 year anniversary dinner at Benihana (2008)Who knew such a thing was even possible — let alone enjoyable!  Wife and son at Benihana following the usual engorging this entails.  Missing is our daughter. 
In two dozen years you end up with a lot of pictures like this.  Scanners and large disk drives are my current cure for Alzheimer’s.  😐  In each successive picture, my son is larger and larger.  At 3 inches taller than me and 22 years to do it, I think he now fills as much of the frame as we can expect.