Waltz Across Texas with you in my arms…

After two and half years of planning and scheming we are finally "back home again" in central texas. For primarily equine-related reasons, we chose to drive the horses from Oregon to Texas ourselves — what an education that was. To mitigate some of the problems we expected our older horse to have with the long transport, we took rest days throughout the trip, thereby taking 13 days to complete 7 days of driving.
Jane has a pretty complete pictorial chronicle of the trip in her blog at www.janerohde.com.

Natural Horse-man-ship…

…is apparently far from natural, because both man and horse do not, on average, do very well at it. A better term might be "Enlightened Horsemanship", but that sounds kinda’ religious, which really is not necessary.
Instead, we really just need caring and awareness.
Caring gives us the desire to be a partner and awareness gives the tools to be a partner. Once established, however un-naturally, the partnership is fluid, graceful, respectful, and — seemingly — natural. All because both man and horse decided to do the un-natural and accommodate each other’s nature.