HackerSafe? Not Now. Now It’s HackerSOURCE. Yikes!!

McAfee has done something with the HackerSafe logo that I think totally crosses the line.  Thanks to Cresta’s Blog post and subsequent Tweet
for pointing this out to me.

Today, I am pulling the seal off of my sites; disabling all the domains in the ScanAlert control panel; and penning a nasty ass message to McAfee. Why you ask?

The change they made is to the page you get when someone clicks your the McAfee seal on your site. Right in the middle of the page is a link "Attention Shoppers" that leads to http://secureshopping.mcafee.com/. Excuse me!! WTF do they think they are doing?? I’m paying them for the seal AND giving them traffic?? I don’t think so.

This demonstrates a really disturbing lack of understanding on McAfee’s part. So bad in fact, I’m not interested in even discussing the point with them. Any partner of mine that could let something this brain-dead-stupid ever see light, simply can not be trusted.