Brave New World

Quoting MSNBC’s Countdown, the 1936 Socialist Party platform is now, 60 years later, the law of the land. Hmmm, progress?
Not hardly. Take a look at the 2000 and (brand new) 2004 red/blue presidential election map and notice:

  1. the country is predominately "conservative" — whatever the hell that has come to mean; and
  2. the conservative/liberal split is uniformally a division of urban and non-urban populations.

What we are witnessing is the crest in a multi-generational wave of social "reform" that dates to a time prior to the so-called new deal. The near future will be characterized by later historians as a time of slowing down and rolling back programs that embody the socialist doctrines and returning instead to the classical solutions that created these States united in America.